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This document outlines a commonly used training curriculum for a new Gnosis Database Manager that is new to the Gnosis system.  It focuses on introducing the student to a broad selection of Gnosis articles, self-paced training, and Zoom-based 1-on-1 instruction.

Depending on the job description of the individual, this Gnosis Database Manager Core Curriculum may be augmented with a number of additional modules. 

Getting Started With Gnosis

Additional Gnosis Training Modules

  • Schedule training sessions of 60 to 90 minutes each to cover the following topics.
    We recommend spacing out the in-person training with at least 2 days between sessions to give you time to absorb each session's materials fully.

Gnosis Queries & Reporting

Gnosis Communications

Gnosis Event Management

Additional Training Modules

    • Additional modules will be added when the student reaches this point in the curriculum.




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