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Below are some best practices for creating new person and organization records. Like most areas in your Gnosis system, taking a field-by-field approach will serve you best verses jumping around in the record.


New Person Records

1.  Main/Left Panel of Record

Complete all necessary information here before going into the person form tabs on the right. Save your changes to create the new record and assign a PID.

Even if you don't have much contact information the following fields on the left panel are important for reporting and communications.

  • Record Type
  • Status
  • Period from/start date

The minimum requirement for a person record is First and Last Name. This minimal data in a record is perfectly acceptable if this is the only information available and you need to create a new record to input a Contact Management Note or link the person to an organization record.


2.  Household/Address

Link a person to an existing household if one exists, or create a new household if necessary.

Always review the HH Name and HH Salutation data and check the boxes to override the text if desired.


3.  Organization Linking

Complete an organization link via Organization Affiliations, if necessary.

In the linking pop-up, at minimum select an Org Role for future reporting and communications purposes.


4.  Complete Necessary Attribute Tabs

With the main and contact data complete, move on to other necessary tab information, like General Attributes, Member Info, Donor Info, Volunteer Info, etc.


5,  Contact Management Tab

If you have an initial contact meeting to document, enter the necessary Contact Mgmt note.





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