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This feature allows you to generate a URL to provide to web/email designers or content creators to allow them to work directly inside the Gnosis Advanced Email Editor for any selected email messages in the communications center.

Setting Up an External Editor Account

To be able to edit an email message externally, the person to be editing needs to be given a Gnosis user account with permissions to edit communications.  If you are providing such an account externally, we recommend you set up an External Comms Editors group with communications editing access only and not permitted to log in to the database as shown here in ACL settings:


Granting Access To Edit An Email

Access to edit an email design and content is granted via a Delegated Edit URL that is generated in the Communications Center while viewing the item for which access is to be granted.

Click on the drop-down split area of the "Edit Message" button and select the item "Copy Edit URL (and lock item)":

The following confirmation message will then appear, confirming that the Delegated Edit URL has been copied to the clipboard.


Please note the message warning you that if you re-enter the comms item to view it, doing so will invalidate the Delegated Edit URL that you just copied requiring a new one to be generated if required.

To send the copied URL to someone, paste it into a message using one of the standard windows paste options such as control-v.

Using The Delegated Edit URL

Opening a web page using the Delegated Edit URL will present a login dialog that requires the username and password of a Gnosis user that is allowed to access communications - in this case, it will generally be the username and password you created for the external email editor user.

Once authenticated, the normal email editor window will open with the selected email item loaded.

Note: The Gnosis merge fields selection window is not available in this mode and any required merge fields will need to be added back in Gnosis after the external editor has completed their work.

Please also be aware that in this mode, there is no prevention for multiple editors opening the same communications item simultaneously, so users of this feature will need to be careful to not open the document multiple times to prevent overwriting work in a different window.

Resources for the external editor:



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