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In Gnosis, persons can have more than one household to represent extended family situations. For instance, if a child moves into their own home, but you still want them to be associated with the original family household as they interact with you as a family group even though they live at separate addresses.  When a record has multiple households, they will appear in search results multiple times with each address listed. This is done to enable you to pick the correct person record even if you only know one of the addresses.  In the above example, perhaps you only know the parents address even though the child now lives separately.

Some of the people in your system - possibly those that have been manually merged - have ended up with two household records - a primary and a secondary where both households prior to the merge have been brought together.  If you perform a manual merge where both records had a household; after you do the merge and while the merged record is still on your screen, it is useful to remove any duplicate information no longer needed - such as phone numbers, email addresses, and households.

To remove additional households no longer needed:

  1. Click on the household in the list that you wish to remove (primary household is listed first, so usually remove the other entries)
  2. click on the paperclip icon next to the household list for that person
  3. choose "Remove this person from selected household"


Once you have removed the unwanted households, you should inspect to make sure that the household that remains has all of the correct members, otherwise, choose the "Link another person to this household" under the "Person & Household Actions" menu item as shown below.


Following these procedures when merging will ensure that only those that you intend to have multiple households will have them.

Please Note:  The Batch De-duplication process does not leave both households intact in the same manner as the manual merge process does.  Instead, it only keeps the household of the record specified as the merge target.



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