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Gnosis Pro incorporates a touch screen kiosk that will operate on any windows based computer with a touchscreen or a Windows 10+ tablet.  This document provides computer/tablet specifications and stand options you may wish to consider for your Gnosis Kiosk.

The above image is a custom stand purchased by a Gnosis client from a third party provider; please contact Support for information on this particular kiosk stand.


Kiosk Check-in Options

There are 3 options for kiosk check-in:

  1. Phone number (home or cell) currently saved in Gnosis record
  2. Last Name and First Initial
  3. Member ID cards with barcodes - cards and scanner required (details below).


Tablet Requirements

  • 10" minimum screen size; 12" screen is recommended
  • 4 core CPU or higher
  • 4GB RAM or higher
  • Windows 10 or later
  • 128GB disk or greater

Microsoft Surface Tablets have been the preferred choice of clients for table stands or wall mounts, however other brands will meet the specifications above. Once you have found a desired product, feel free to send a link to for a seal of approval.

Note iPads and Windows S Mode are not compatible with the Gnosis kiosk.


Tablet mounts for wall/floor/desk (Microsoft Surface Tablets)

While there are other tablet mounting solutions available for various tablet models, the Microsoft Surface tablet has the best range of solutions.

Some of the suppliers for mounts/enclosures are listed here.

Tablet Mounts



Surface Tablet Enclosures





Microsoft Surface Enclosures at MacLocks

24 models to choose from - great selection

Range from $40 - $400



Armodilo range of Floor, desk and wall mount Kiosk Stands & Enclosures.

40+ Product options to choose from starting at $200

Other Floor Mount Options:

Member Login Options

When members and volunteers wish to use the kiosk, they need to indicate who they are so that the kiosk can register their attendance.  This self-identification process can be achieved in any of the following ways:

  • Member enters their phone number on the touch screen (preferred)
  • Member enters their last name and first initial on touch screen
  • Member enters their membership ID on touch screen
  • Member scans their membership card


Member Card Options & Setup

If implementing kiosk check-in by member cards, see card and scanner requirements and options below. Note the recommended kiosk check-in method is by phone number search, making member cards and barcode scanning unnecessary.

Member Card Scanners

There are many membership card systems on the market.  The most simple solution for member recognition is to use barcodes printed on membership cards.  To read these cards, an Omnidirectional laser barcode scanner is required - such as the models listed below which can also be mounted on a desk or wall surface.

If you wish to research additional products, please refer to the following connectivity specifications:

  1. (Preferred) serial emulation via USB using a USB serial driver.
  2. Keyboard emulation via USB (must be specifically via USB)

Barcode Laser Scanners


Honeywell MK3580-32A38 Barcode Scanner

Metrologic MS3580 QuantumT - USB Kit. Omnidirectional Laser. Includes 9.2' straight USB cable and 3" flex stand. Suitable for mounting on a wall or desktop.


- Laser




Pre-Printed Barcode Membership Cards

Membership cards are available from many suppliers.  An often used supplier is Plastek Cards. They have a consistently low-price although their customer service is not the best.  There are many options available - refer to their website for more information: 


Note: We recommend the following options be specified to the printer (for keyfob format):

  1. Data will be zero padded numeric only, to allow for sequential codes from 0001001 – 0099999 (although you will probably be ordering much less than this number of cards course)
  2. Add a check digit to above range
  3. Barcode format: EAN-8 using 7 digits for the barcode plus 1 check digit (Many barcodes formats will work, but we have had good experience with this one)
  4. For printing on Keyfob format - To fit on barcode area of template PC1232 or PS1002 templates

If you would like a different option for your barcodes, refer to this BarCode types reference.  Important Note: Your barcode scanner should come with a manual depicting the codes needed to “program it to not send a check digit”.


In-House Prepared Barcode Membership Cards

As an alternative to pre-printed keyfob membership cards, you may produce your cards in-house.  This may be accomplished with a Membership Card template provided with your Gnosis system, which can be printed on a standard business card template.

A couple of options are:

  • Make membership cards that double as name tags/badges (depending on the selected card assigning process).
  • Make actual membership cards that can be laminated using low-cost laminators available through local office supply stores.



A kiosk solution may be built using two approaches:

  • a freestanding tablet device sitting on a desk, bench or other pieces of existing furniture with a barcode scanner and a Kensington lock for security.
  • a tablet fitted into a wall or floor standing enclosure with mounted barcode scanner attached.

For budgetary purposes, the freestanding solution can generally be implemented for $500-$1,000 and the mounted enclosure solution for $1,100-$1,800 per kiosk.





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