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With Gnosis Pro version 1.2.834, we have released a new tab format allowing users to customize the tab positions (top, bottom, left, right) and fill option to suit their personal taste and screen shape.  Additionally, administrators can change the grouping and the order of tabs.


General User Options

As a non-administrative user, you may change the position of the tabs to any of the four sides of the tab area.  By default, the new tabs are located on the right-hand side.  You may also select the Auto-Size option to have the tabs fill the tab area increasing the size of each of the tabs.

To make these changes, simply right-click on any of the tabs to reveal the tab configuration menu:


Administrator Options

If you have administrative rights to your system, you may also set up the grouping of tabs.  By holding down the shift key when right-clicking on a tab, you have access to the same settings offered to general users plus the added option to set the group into which you wish to organize the tab.


By selecting one of the color-coded groups, the tab will be moved to the bottom of the list of tags in that color group.  Using this approach, you may re-order tabs in a group by selecting them all in the order that you wish them to appear.

Advanced Settings

PLEASE NOTE:  Unless you are comfortable editing advanced configuration settings, we recommend that you contact Gnosis support to have the settings in this area changed in your system.

The default groups and/or color schemes can be changed by performing edits in the "Preferences & Settings | User Customization | Gnosis Tab Config Groups" area.

The settings in this area (illustrated below) support the configuration of tab groups - the number of groups, their names, color, and the order of the groups in the tab list.

In the illustration below, you can see the group names (highlighted in color), the RGB code of the color to use (red border), and lastly the order that the tab groups will appear (yellow border).


You may edit this configuration area to change the settings for your organization.  These changes will apply to your client the next time you open a tabbed page and to all other users when they next start Gnosis.












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