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Searching for Person Profiles

image022.jpgTo retrieve a person or organization from the database, you will typically click on the People or Organization Panel on the Side Action Bar and type the name of the person or organization that you wish to retrieve in the Search Box. 

To search for persons, there are a number of different ways to enter the name into the Search Box:

  • Searching by Name

    To search by name, enter the last name followed by a comma and either the first name or a second comma and the preferred name. E.g. To search for James Smith (James’ preferred name is Jim), enter Smith, James or Smith,,Jim.

    • Partial names may be entered, e.g. Smi, Ja or Smi,, Ji.

    • Any combination of first name, preferred name, and last name may be used to retrieve a person's record.

  • Searching by Email Address

    To retrieve a record based upon a person’s email address, start with an ”r;@” symbol, followed by the first part or all of the person’s email address, e.g.

  • Searching by Household Address

    To retrieve a record based upon a person’s mailing address, enter ”#” followed by the first part of a person’s street address, e.g. #5860 Melville St.

  • Searching by Person’s ID Number

    To search using the person’s ID number, simply enter the number into the Search Box.

Searching for Organization Profiles

To search for an organization, enter all or any part of an organization’s name.  E.g. if the organization’s name is ABC Supply Company, any of the following will work to retrieve the company information:

  • ABC or; Supply or; pply co

Once a value has been entered into the Search Box, press Enter, or click on the green arrow button to perform the search.

Advanced Search

You may also search for a combination of data items at one time by using the Advanced Search Dialogue Box rather than using the simple search box provided on the Side Action Bar.

To bring up the Advanced Search Dialogue Box, ensure the search text in the Side Action Bar is empty and press the green arrow button or press Enter. From this advanced form, you are able to specify a number of different search values to further refine the information you wish to retrieve.


If the value you are searching for has several possible matches, all entries meeting the search criteria will be returned in the Search Dialogue Box. Double-click on, or highlight and press the select button on the entry you wish to retrieve.


Ad-Hoc Person Search Query

On the Side Action Bar, click on Ad Hoc Query to open an area to define the filter criteria for the search and below that, an area to define what data you want returned in your search.

In the top Filter Criteria pane,  you will specify a ”filter” that defines which records will be included in the search result.  For example, a filter might say ”Last Name starts with H”.

Filter Statement Grouping Rules

Click all of the following to invoke a drop-down list that lets you choose whether records must match all entries in your filter criteria, or, whether they may match any one or more of the entries of your filter criteria.


  • All of the following – only a match on all of the filter criteria will include a record.

  • Any of the following – a match on any of the filter criteria will include a record.

  • All of the following do not – only include records if none of the filter criteria apply.

  • Any of the following do not –only included records if any one or more of the filter criteria statements don’t apply.

Selecting a Filter Field

The first item that must be selected for group definition is the Field to be filtered. To select the field, click on Select Field. A list of available fields will be displayed.  Choose the field to use as a filter for your group.


Note: Click on the ’+’ sign to add new filter criteria. You may define as many filter criteria as needed.

Select Operator

The available operators depend upon which field has been chosen.  Click on Select Operator to view all of the available operators for the selected field.  


Values for each filter may also be selected using the drop-down menu. There are up to four different types of options available in response to clicking the value link.


  • Enter Value - On choosing this option, an edit box appears in place of the link in which to enter or select a value for the condition. The type of edit box that appears is dependent on the field and operator already chosen on the filter line. Some edit boxes allow the entry of a single value using the keyboard, some provide a list of possible options, and some allow the entry of a list of values.

  • Enter Prompt for Value – While this option does appear, it is not useful in this context, so, we will not explain its use here.  This topic is covered in detail elsewhere where this query panel is used in Gnosis.

  • Choose Field Value - This option provides the ability to filter based on the relationship between two fields in a record.

  • Choose Special Value - This option provides a special combination of operator and value to complete the condition line. Some fields have special value options and others do not. Choose special values from either the operator or the values link menus.

Select Results Fields

Add individuals return fields for the data you wish to review. Click on the ’+’ sign to add new fields, as in the same process to select the criteria fields as outlined above. You may define as many results fields as needed.

Click Add Link Column (bottom center) to make the IDs active links to load a person or organization record from one of the returned entries.

Once you have defined your query, press the ”Run Query” button in the bottom right hand corner to run the search.  You are presented with a listing of all person records that match your filter criteria.  




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