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Gnosis version 1.2.1039 introduces the Event Registration Management in Event Central.


The event registration management screen provides options for:

  • Viewing the registration numbers for each instance of a selected event.
  • Viewing the actual registrant names with a link to their profiles.
  • Printing the registration list for any of the event instances.
  • Sending any communication (eg: Cancellation advice) for the selected event instance
  • Moving selected registrations from one instance to another.



The registration management option may be launched by first selecting the desired event in Event Management Central and then selecting the split-button area of the registrations button:


This will open the Event Registrations Management screen to manage registrations for all instances of the selected event.

The options available (per the numbered image above) are as follows:

  1. Selection of the desired event instance for the selected event.  This screen also allows you to cancel any instances shown in the list.
  2. Display the registrations for the currently selected instance, including links to open the registrant's profile.
  3. Option to print a list of the displayed registrations.
  4. Send selected communication to all registrants for the selected instance.  If sending cancellation advice via this option, ensure you send the emails before canceling the event.
  5. Move one or more registrations from one instance to another for the same event. This may be useful when cleaning up canceled event instances.




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