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This article outlines the basic functionality of the attendance kiosk and provides training materials to assist with the rollout of a new kiosk. The article includes the following sections:

  • Kiosk Basics
  • Access and Configuration
  • Rollout and Training Materials


Kiosk Basics

The Gnosis kiosk is a touchscreen tool to automate attendance tracking of those visiting your facility for programs, events, and other services.

The Kiosk function is an integrated tool within your full Gnosis system. A Gnosis User login is required to open and close the kiosk, securing the kiosk screen from other types of access.

The kiosk can be set up to automatically open when you turn on the kiosk hardware. See Kiosk Auto-Start.

The hardware to be used for your kiosk is entirely up to you, as long as it meets the minimum system requirements. See Kiosk Implementation Options.

Depending on the size of your facility(ies), you might consider implementing more than one kiosk. Additional kiosk licenses can be added to your Gnosis subscription at any time.

The recommended method for checking-in to the kiosk is by phone number, pulling from the person's Home or Cell phone number saved in their record. Alternatively, barcoded membership cards and a scanner can be implemented.

The kiosk will list the events of the current day as well as static resources that can be selected by the person attending. The attendance data is immediately saved in the person's record and available for reporting.

Utilizing Gnosis' linking of persons into households, one family member is able to manage attendance for all other household members if desired.

The kiosk may also be used for logging volunteer hours to specific events or general volunteer tasks. If you have a designated volunteer area, you might consider setting up a separate kiosk for volunteer use only, otherwise, volunteers can use the main kiosk for logging hours as well.


Setting Up Kiosk Users

Each kiosk must have its own unique user set up within Gnosis user management.  When setting up a user for use on a kiosk, you should ensure that the "Kiosk Only" checkbox is checked on.  This will ensure that the kiosk can stay logged in and operational, otherwise, the kiosk may timeout when idle for a period of time.


Access and Configuration

In the Gnosis application, you may access the kiosk at Windows > Kiosk menu:

  • Full Screen is the mode to select on the actual kiosk tablet or computer.
  • Windowed is a tool for staff to use in order to access the kiosk on their computer in order to use the kiosk alongside the main Gnosis screens.

With the kiosk open, you can access the settings using the Admin Login button (top right) and enter your user credentials. Note some kiosk settings are saved per kiosk and not globally; be sure to update the settings on each of the necessary kiosks.

Welcome Page

  • Title Text: The title to be displayed at the top of the kiosk screen - e.g.: "Main Auditorium Kiosk".
  • Welcome Text: The welcome text to be displayed on the initial kiosk page.
  • On-Screen Keyboard: If this button is depressed (green), the kiosk screen will have an icon that displays the on-screen keyboard. If you find the kiosk keyboard is conflicting with the tablet onscreen keyboard or you have a hardware keyboard attached, you may opt to turn this setting off.
  • Use Search Mode: The method by which individuals check in on the kiosk screen.
    • Member ID: Requires barcoded member cards and scanner.
    • Last name, First initial
    • Phone: Recognizes the Home or Cell number saved in a person's record. This is usually the preferred method for check-in.
  • Enable New Person Registration: If turned on, provides a button for guests to enter their name and or email/phone (if required - see below) to automatically create their record in the database and allow them to check in for an event.

General (These settings apply to ALL kiosks)

  • Auto Attend Member Group: If turned on, automatically pre-selects for check-in, events for which the member is pre-registered by way of an Event Group assigned to the event.
  • Finish Session After Volunteering: If turned on, after completing volunteer attendance, the kiosk will return to the initial login for the next session instead of then asking the volunteer if they are also attending any events or programs (which is the behavior when this option is not enabled).

Barcode Scanner

These settings only apply if using the Member ID search mode. Your Connect4 Support Person will assist you with this setup during implementation.


  • Person Status Filter: It is not common to select a value in this filter. You may select the "Person Status" options that define which persons are NOT allowed to check-in via the kiosk.
  • Person Type Filter: Select the "Person Type" options that should be filtered from kiosk results in searches and family member lists. It is most common to filter Deceased persons.
  • Location Filter: If you have multiple locations and the kiosk is serving one specific location, set this value so that the Kiosk event list only includes events held at the specified location.

Session Settings

  • Override Attendance Date: This is a temporary option to set the kiosk date to a date other than the current date.  This value only applies to the current kiosk session (is cleared when the kiosk is closed) and is most commonly used for testing purposes.
  • Enable Single Event Mode: To temporarily set up the kiosk to manage attendance for a specific single event, use this option to pre-select the event for which attendees may check in.  This option significantly streamlines the check-in process and is useful for larger events.
  • Disable Kiosk Notifications: Check on this option to prevent the kiosk from sending check-in information to any running kiosk monitors. See Using the Kiosk Monitor.


Rollout and Training Materials

The kiosk will be a new and public tool in your facility and therefore you may receive questions about how to use it from members and guests. To assist with those questions, the attached reference materials have been provided for you to distribute as needed.

We also recommend that before rolling out the Kiosk, you send an email to your participants with the opportunity to review/update their personal information to ensure they are able to check-in using their phone number - if that is the modality that you decide to use. See Sample Text for Introductory Gnosis Email.





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