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Group Management allows you to define regular groups of members/participants and associate them with specific events/programs in Event Management. This feature is designed to support easier administration of support groups and similar programs where the same group of people meets on a regular basis.  

For details on the web portal implementation for Group Notes, please see the article on Group Management Web Portal Options.


Initial Setup for Group Management

(For Gnosis Administrators)

1.  Setup Access Security

  1. Go to Settings > Administration > User Management
  2. Switch to the Access Control Tab
  3. In the Function Access ACL's list, find the entry for "Event Groups Access"
  4. Select the groups to grant access to this functionality in the Group list in the top left-hand corner of the window and apply Group ACL permissions to those groups:
    • Read/Write access permits membership additions and changes
    • Administrative access allows setting up and editing group information.

2.  Edit Reference Data

  1. Go to Settings > Administration > Reference Data Management
  2. Group Categories – Review/add the necessary categories to manage desired groups.
  3. Group Roles – Review/add the role(s) options necessary for group members.

See Administering Reference Data for more info on managing list items.


Using the Group Management Screen

Below lists the various features offered on the main Group Management Screen

  1. Filter the list of groups below by selected Category.
  2. Filter to see All Groups or only the groups you are set as Group Manager (My Groups). Note this is not referring to the Presenter field which is set within the event settings in Event Management.
  3. Print/Export options for Active Group Members > click the down arrow on the Print button:
  • Print provides a formatted roster document.
  • Export provides a formatted Excel document.


Creating a New Group

From the Home screen, single-click the Group Mgmt icon.  You must have been granted "Member Groups Access" by your administrator in order to enter this area.

  1. Click New Group and complete the necessary items on the Group Details tab:mceclip0.png

    *Required field
    *Group Name: How you will identify this group of participants.
    *Group Category: Select from the drop-down list.
    Group Location: The location of the group if you are servicing multiple geographic locations
    Group Type: If you have multiple group types/formats, you may choose this list of options.  Custom rules for who may register and when may be determined by the type of group selected.
    Group Focus Area: An additional text field if you wish to provide this information.
    Group Meets: Text describing the meeting schedule of the group
    *Membership Open: Indicates whether the group is accepting new members.
    Archived: When the group is no longer active, checking this option will remove it from active lists.
    Hide from Search: Used to add groups that will not be shown on search lists on the web.
    *Group Active From/To: Select dates from the calendar drop-down.
    Group Description: An additional text field if you wish to enter descriptive information for display on group registration pages on the web portal.
    *Group Manager: (down the bottom of the screen) Must be a Gnosis user. Start typing the first or last name and hit Enter or click the button to search from a list of users. Note: This is not a presenter or facilitator, but the person that administers the group and its membership.

    GROUP REGISTRATION OPTIONS (used if you implement online group membership registration)
    Registration Opens/Closes: The date/time that registration opens/closes on the web portal
    Max Group Size: The maximum number of active group members allowed in the group
    Max Waitlist Size: The maximum number of persons allowed on the group's waitlist.
    Seq. Absences Allowed: (If Used) The number of sequential absences allowed before the person's membership is up for review.
  2. Review and add appropriate, details on the other tabs:
    1. Group Members - may be added here or on the group tab of the member record
    2. Notes - used for the Group manager to note information about group administration.
    3. Document Library - used to store/access documents related to group operation and reference documents that are made available to group members via their web portal pages.
    4. Session Notes - is designed to store clinical and meeting activity notes, generally administered by the group facilitator and available for each event instance for which the group is assigned.  The group will need to be assigned to events in event management in order for this area to be populated with meeting dates.



Adding Members from the Group Management Screen

1.  On the Group Management screen, go to the Group Members tab.

2.  Use the Add Member field to search for the person to add. 

3.  With that person’s name selected in the list, use the bottom details section to do the following:

  • Select the Role (using the drop-down list)
  • Status: Check as Active Group Member or Waitlisted as needed
  • Publish Phones and email: If the group shares contact information between its members, checking on any of these items will approve that item to be shared among the group members via the member groups page - if implemented on your portal site.
  • Joined: Adjust the date if necessary.  The Joined date will default to the current date when the "Active" option is checked



Promoting From Waitlist

After adding someone to a waitlist, you also have the opportunity to manage their promotion to an active group member when appropriate.  The system provides the option (if configured) to send a join invitation to the participant that requests they accept or reject the promotion offer within a given timeframe (configurable).  If the participant accepts the invitation, they are immediately promoted. If they reject the invitation, they are removed from the waitlist.


The buttons provided on the Group Management form allow you to perform these actions directly.  Hovering over these buttons reveals the list of actions each button will take.  In summary:

  • Invite Promotion sends a "promotion to group" invitation (if configured) and sets up the participant to be able to accept the promotion request.  The request time is limited to the amount of time set in Settings & Preferences Group Management.
  • Promote Now immediately promoted the participant to a group member and sends the promotion email (if configured).
  • Decline Promotion removes the person from the group completely.


Emailing a Group

You may send an email to all active group members by pressing the button "Email Active Members" while on the members tab of the group you want to email.


After pressing the button, an email content window will appear with the options of subject and content.  On pressing the OK button, the email composed in this window will be immediately sent to all active group members.


Managing Group Documents

Each group has a document library to store document history, facilitator notes, etc.  When a group is selected in the left-hand pane, the document library tab lists current documents related to the selected group.


You may upload existing documents, create documents in situ and augment them with a name and description to display in the list.

Specific categories of uploaded documents can be made available to group members on the web portal.

Session Notes

The session notes section will populate with dates for each of the event instances for events that are linked to the group (see below).

Clicking on the name of the linked event will display a sequential list of all notes for all instances whereas clicking on a single date will display the notes for that particular instance and allow editing of the notes.  Session notes can be made available on the web portal for facilitators to manage along with group attendance.



Setting Up A Group Event & Connecting a Group

1.  After creating the desired group in Group Management, go to Event Management and open the event settings for the desired event. If creating a new event, see Event Settings for additional guidance.

2.  If the event settings screen opened in Basic Mode, click Switch to Advanced Mode.


3.  Under Meeting Group, select the necessary group from the list of options.


If necessary, you may also turn Registrations on under Event Options and set up general registration categories on the next page.

IMPORTANT: The "May Attend without Pre-registration" and "Registrations Enabled" Options

This "May Attend without Pre-registration" option determines whether a participant needs to register in order to attend - either via the Kiosk for in-person events or via Zoom for on-line events.  For events with Groups [members] assigned, this option must be checked in order for group members to attend without preregistering.

To prevent anyone from registering for or attending a group event, turn off the "Registrations" option (just above the "May Attend without Pre-registration" Option shown above).

NOTE: If you wish to allow group members to register - for example, to specify whether they will attend in-person or remotely via Zoom, you can enable registrations AND check on the "Meeting Group Members Only" option on the registrations setup screen:



Adding Members to a Group from the Person’s Record

1.  Open the person's record and go to the Group Membership tab.

2.  Click Add Group at the bottom and select the desired group to be assigned.

3.  In the bottom section,

  • Select the Role from the drop-down list.
  • Status: Check as Active Group Member
  • Publish Phones and email: If the group shares contact information between its members, checking on any of these items will approve that item to be shared among the group members via the member groups page - if implemented on your portal site.
  • Joined: Adjust the date if necessary.



To Archive or Remove a Person from a Group

In Group Management: Select the desired Group > Go to the Group Members tab > Select the person’s name:

OR  In the person’s record: Switch to the Group Membership tab:

and then:

Uncheck Active Group Member and enter a Left date.

OR simply click Remove to permanently take this person off the group roster.



Group Attendance Tracking Functionality

Mobile Attendance App (See 'Group Management Web Portal Options' below for updated options)

Utilizing this Group Management process allows the mobile attendance app to pre-fill the names of Active Group Members for an event that is associated with a member group.

Attendance Management Screen Includes Active Group Members

The Event Attendance Management screen will also pre-fill Active Group Members associated with the event.

Attendance Kiosk Allows Groups Member Access

When someone who is a member of a group signs in to a kiosk, they automatically have access to mark themselves as attending programs which they are assigned to via Group Management. Other persons do not have access to mark themselves attending a program associated with a member group unless the event record also has registrations enabled and they have registered, or they May attend without registration is checked on.

If desired, the kiosk will auto-select the event for a group member when checking in on the kiosk. To turn this feature on go to Settings > Preferences & Settings  > select Event Management from the list on the left. Scroll down to Auto Attend Group Event in Kiosk and check the box in the first column, click Save & Close. If the kiosk is already up and running you must close the Kiosk's Gnosis app entirely and open it again for the new settings to apply.


Group Management Web Portal Options

As of Mid 2022, Gnosis also has a suite of new Group Management tools available on web portal pages.  If you do not have these pages implemented on your web portal and would like them installed, please contact Gnosis Support.

You will find details of this new functionality here: Group Management Web Portal Options



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