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Registration for Free Programs

(A separate Long-form/multi-page registration process is used for events with a registration fee)

End users can register with just a couple of clicks within a popup from the main calendar. In the same popup, registrants can cancel or register additional attendees.


Calendar Legend Symbols

The following icons and event status identifiers will automatically appear for an event based on specific criteria in the event setup:


  • (R)  = The event is open for registration. 
    • It must have the "Registration" option checked on and at least one event registration category in the registration options grid.
  • (R)  = Registration is required to attend the event.
    • This means the event settings box May Attend without Pre-registration is NOT checked, implying that registration is required.
  • The Blue Camera icon indicates that the event is available to attend virtually/remotely.
    • The event must have the "Digital Event" option checked on in Event Options.
  • The Green Person icon indicates that the event has an in-person attendance option available.
    • The event must have at least one registration category which is defined in reference data as an "In-Person" category.
  • Registered (banner) will appear at the top of the event if the user logged in is already registered.
  • Booked (banner) will appear if the user has registered someone else for an event and did not register themselves.
  • Almost Full (banner) will appear when registrations for the event reach 95% of capacity
  • Full (banner) will appear when registration capacity has been met


Using the Descriptions Fields

The Calendar Description (previously named Short Description) appears as a popup on Event Calendar pages on the website. On this new mobile responsive calendar, this is the only description the end user will see for free events.

The Information Page Description (previously named Long Description) appears only on the Event Information web page, offering the opportunity to add more information if necessary.

On the new calendar design, the Event Information web page will not be used during registration for free events. See Calendar Description above.

The Event Information page will still be used for all ticketed events with a registration fee.



Calendar Styling

Event Images

The event popup that appears after clicking an event on the calendar will continue to display the image uploaded to the event settings or will display the organization logo if no image is uploaded in the event. 

The calendar design supports event promotion by opting to include the event image in the event item on the calendar grid view.

Steps to include event image on the calendar:

  1. Upload your image
  2. Check the box for "On Website"


Calendar and Event Display Styling

You can opt to exclude any day of the week from the calendar, an example might be to exclude Sundays if you never have any programs on a Sunday.

Styling can be applied to each event in the calendar based on the event's primary category and/or City/Location.  This styling may include any of the following style options:

  • Background color
  • Text color
  • Border type and color (top or side border only or all sides)
  • Option to include Location (City) name for each event.

Click here for assistance in selecting pleasing color families for styling. When specifying colors for your calendar, please provide color codes (i.e.: #FFFFFF = white) found at the reference above.

By way of inspiration, here are some client sites that we think have done an excellent job of decorating their calendars:

Other helpful resources regarding Gnosis events setup:




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