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To merge two or more records into a single record, follow the steps below.

Steps to Merge Duplicate Organization Records

1.  Review the individual records to determine which OID/record to merge to.

See the section What Data Merges and What Doesn't below. This is a very important step to prevent lost data.

2.  Identify and select the records to merge.

Single-click the first name, hold the Ctrl key, and click the additional name(s) to be merged. Press Enter or click Select to proceed.

NOTE: It might be necessary to rename one of the organization records for both records to show in the same search results.


In the popup, click Yes to open the Merge Manager

The Organization Merge Manager previews general record data for review.


3. To choose the destination record on the Merge Manager screen.

Right-click on the column which contains the most appropriate/greatest amount of information that applies to the organization and then select Set as destination record.  If that option is greyed out, then that record is already selected as the destination record.

4. Click Merge to proceed with the merge.

A warning will appear noting that the process of merging is not reversible. Click yes to continue the merge.

The new merged person record will then appear on the screen.

What Data Merges and What Doesn't

We recommend reviewing all of the fields displayed and deleting incorrect or duplicate items before merging.

The following data will be collected from multiple records and merged:

  • Contacts
  • Gift history
  • Invoice history
  • Contact Management notes from linked Contacts
  • Addresses (if Address Line 1 matches 100%, the addresses will be merged, otherwise, multiple addresses will need to be reconciled in the final merged record).
  • Multiple phone numbers

The following will be populated by data from the Destination Record only and should be reviewed before merging. If you must maintain some of the data from the other record(s) you must make note of the data separately and update the final record after merging.

  • Organization Name
  • Web Address
  • Record Type
  • Status
  • Begins and Ends dates
  • Org Type
  • Any attribute data (General, Donor, etc.) that is present in the destination record will not be overwritten by the same data existing in the other records, however, if the attribute only exists in other records, it will be moved to the destination.


 Also see Merging Duplicate Person Records.




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