Multi-Language Portal Implementation

With version 1.2.920 and above, your system may be configured to offer multiple language options on the following areas of your Gnosis Portal site:

  • Calendar and popup event registration process
  • New profile registrations
  • Intake forms
  • Other portal Forms

Translation will be added to Donation and fundraising event registration pages at a later time.

When your website has been configured, a language selector appears on your main portal page.



If you wish your page header/footer and/or other content to be translated also, you will need to also supply the translations info to us so we can make those adjustments for you.

Setup Costs

  • A System Support Agreement (SSA) is required to implement multi-language options at this time.
  • A one-time fee of $340 (for implementation of the multi-lingual system and portal configurations) will be charged to your card-on-file.
  • SSA time is required for the creation of custom portal pages in other languages and any other support needed.
  • If monthly SSA is ever discontinued, a monthly maintenance fee of $28 will apply for the duration of active multi-language implementation.
  • Implementation includes Spanish translation for most portal functions and messages (not including individual/custom portal form attributes). Additional languages can be added to your system for no additional implementation cost, however, you must supply desired translations using the tools provided by Support.


How to Get Started

  1. Submit an official request to Support to initiate multi-language implementation with the following information:
    • Which language(s) do you wish to implement?
    • How you would like to organize your calendar and registration pages (free event registration only at this time) - multiple filtered calendars or full calendars in each language.
    • What portal pages you are planning to translate.
  2. Review steps to translate portal forms, Multi-Language Portal Forms.
  3. If you wish to edit any of the provided system translations, add translations for attributes or custom forms, you can do so via the Gnosis' Language Translation Export & Import functionality.  If you wish to add another language to your system, please contact Connect4 Support.

Supporting Documentation

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