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As your Gnosis database is tightly coupled with the constituent portal website, constituents can log in to web portal pages to perform any number of tasks.

As a database user, you may find it useful to log in as the constituent to guide them through portal usage, or, simply to perform operations on their behalf.  To facilitate this, the option to "Login to Website as This Person" is available from the person form.


Using the "Login as Person" Features

As shown in the image below, there are three options provided for this feature:

  1. "Login to website as this person" will open a web browser tab to the Portal home page and log you in as if you were the person themselves.
  2. "Copy person's website URL"  copies the URL for the person's portal home page, complete with auto-login information so you can provide an auto-login link to the person via email or some other means.  (Copying the link from the browser after using the "login" option above does not always work as expected so use this option for that purpose).
  3. "Custom Portal Page" is a placeholder to provide the same functionality as "Login to website as this person", but takes you to a different pre-defined page on the web portal (see below to setup).



Setting Up The Custom Page Option

Gnosis admins may set up this third option for logging in to a specific page for all users of the system, Each individual Gnosis user may also set up their own link to be used for this option.

To do this:

  1. on the main menu, go to "Settings", then choose "Preferences & Settings"
  2. In the "Filter preferences" text box, type "custom" (no quotes)
  3. In the "General" section, you will see the option "Custom Portal Page for Person form".  To set a value for all users (if you are an admin), you will use the first column (Organization), to set it for yourself, you will use the third column (your name).
  4. Place your cursor in the desired cell and then click on the "..." button that appears. This will open a larger edit window.
  5. You will enter your desired custom value in two parts:
    1. Enter a menu display name for the page followed by a colon (:) 
    2. and then enter the URL which for the portal site should start with a "/" - (the site name prefix is not required) - so, for the URL "" you will just enter"/Portal/MyInfo"
  6. Press the OK button to close the input window.
  7. Press the save & close button down at the bottom of the page.

If you have a person form open, you will need to close and re-open it to use the new value you entered.

Now you will have the new URL and display name shown in the third position of the menu options.





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