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When setting up an event, in the Gnosis Event Module, you can select either "Single" or "Repeating" for the schedule type.  Both types can have multiple days specified for a recurring schedule, but the individual days in the schedule will be treated differently for registrations based on the selection that you choose for the schedule type.


Schedule Type "Single" or "Repeating" for Event Occurrence Types

If an event occurs only once, click the Single radio button - This is the default.

Many events can be classified as repeating or recurring events. These events could include classes, support and networking groups, etc. that occur at regular intervals, mostly at the same time of day, and have the same details.

For example, a single class that is repeated every Tuesday at 7:00 pm with the same instructor at the same location would probably be defined as a repeating event and entered into Gnosis only once with the date/time for the event specifying the recurrence pattern of every Tuesday evening.  On the other hand, a single class that occurs over four consecutive Wednesday evenings and has persons register once to attend all four evenings in the series would NOT be a repeating event as the class occurs only once, even though it is spread over multiple Wednesday evenings.

To make an event ”repeating”, select the Repeating button above the event name.

Each time a recurring event occurs, it is called an ”instance” of that event. By definition, a recurring event has principally the same information that applies to every instance of the event.

Registration Types


The Single schedule type instructs Gnosis to present the entire event - whether it be one day or multiple days - as a single entry for registration purposes.  You would use this option for all once-only events and all events where someone can register once for attending a series of instances over multiple days.


The Repeating schedule type instructs Gnosis to treat every instance of the event as if they were individual events for registration purposes.  Using this option, someone would need to register for each instance of the event individually if registrations were enabled for it.


Each instance of an event has its own attendance information available to be recorded irrespective of how the registration type is set.  Generally, a person will be recorded as attending each individual event instance - either through the kiosk or via a manual entry in event management.

If the option "Select Attendance Days during Registration" is checked on the event registration setup page for an event with a Repeating schedule type, attendance information becomes a record of the person's intent to attend rather than a record of when they do attend.  This mode of operation is rarely used and we recommend that you do not select this option unless you have a particular need for this approach.

You may also check Event Definitions in Event Central (Event Settings) to see more about the Event Settings Definitions.



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