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As of version 1.2.818, Gnosis has incorporated a report favorites system that allows your organization, your groups/departments, and individual users to mark specific reports as a Favorite.  This feature makes it easier to find the reports in:

  • Report Management Center,
  • Event Central
  • Attendance Management
  • Person Reports tab (if configured for your system)

NOTE: If favorites have been specified for the Report Management Center, Event Central, Attendance Management or Person Tab areas, then only those favorite reports will be shown when the area is first opened.  To see all available reports, you will need to deselect "All" the "Fav's" stars at the top of the reports list to remove the favorites filter.


  • Reports that you have favorited for your own use will appear with a yellow star to the left of the report. 
  • Favorites that have been selected by your System Administrator to show for all users, or all users in a department, will appear with a green star to the left of the favorited report. 
  • Reports that are not favorited will appear with an empty star when you display all reports.


Simply click on the star to favorite a report for the area you are currently in (Report Management Center, Event Central, Attendance Management or Person Form Tab) and the star will change to yellow.  To remove a report from personal favorites, simply click the yellow star to remove the favorited status.


Setting Up Favorites for Other Areas

Gnosis will allow you to set up favorites in four areas:

  • Report Management Center
  • Event Central
  • Attendance Management
  • Person form "Person Reports" tab.

To select a report as a favorite for an area listed above when in the report center: 

  1. Locate the report in the Report Management Center.
  2. Click the Favorites edit button and select the area that you want your report to appear as a favorite.



Administering Report Favorites for my Department or the Whole Organization

Any user with administrative access to "Reporting Access" in the User Administration - Access Control List area will have access to additional options on the Favorites Edit Button.

When a user has this permission, the Favorites edit menu will appear as follows:


This expanded menu list provides access to set favorites for the whole organization and/or individual groups/departments.  This allows a reporting administrator to filter reports for every user based on their job function and/or the standard reports that are commonly used throughout the organization.  If you add a favorite report for other users, be aware that only the favorite reports will be listed by default when the user views the report lists.






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