Table of Contents

A collection of on-demand training for Gnosis users.  Items without active links below are "work in progress" and will be released here as soon as they are available.

Getting Started

Getting Started with Gnosis

Basic System Administration

  1. Administering Users & Security
  2. Administering Reference Data


  1. Understanding & Building Queries
  2. Creating a Participant Report
  3. Editing an Existing Report
  4. Repurposing an Existing Report
  5. Editing Print Layouts
  6. Using Gnosis Spreadsheet Reporting


  1. Creating a New Communications Category
  2. Creating and Editing Recipient Groups
  3. Creating, Testing and Running a Letter
  4. Creating, Testing and Sending Emails
  5. Using the Advanced Email Editor
  6. Managing Communication Preferences
  7. Creating a Mail File
  8. Sending Text Messages

Gifts Management

  1. Batch and Contribution Overview
  2. Managing Transaction Batches
  3. Contribution Entry
  4. Managing Invoices

Pledge/Subscriptions Management

    1. Setting up Pledge/Subscription Definitions
    2. Editing Pledge/Subscription Documents
    3. Opening a New Pledge/Subscription
    4. Invoicing & Billing Runs
    5. Pledge/Billing Reporting Options



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