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With effect from Gnosis version 1.2.936, the Communications Center's Email editor now supports adding HTML Content Templates.  These content templates are pre-formatted content for data such as a list of events for a given period and category, or a list of top donors for a period and/or campaign.


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We anticipate adding new content options over time, so please let us know if there is a content type or additional templates that you would like to see added.

How it Works

The content added is static - i.e.: it will add the current published calendar information at the time of inserting the content, not at the time the email is sent.  First, you generate the desired content using the new HTML Content generator option and then you copy/paste the generated content into an HTML content block that you place in the email.


Follow These Steps To Insert Content

  1. To start the content insert, press the HTML Content button at the top of an open email design:
  2. On the pop-up screen, choose the type of content that you would like to insert:
  3. Next, you are presented with a list of query parameters to define which content you wish to include in the output.  Select the options that you desire and then submit.
  4. Choose from a list of available templates to display your data by selecting a template from the list and reviewing how your data will look using that template.
  5. Press the Copy HTML button underneath the display of the selected template.  This will close the HTML content window and take you back to your email.
  6. Back in your email, copy an HTML block into your email design where you want the content to go:
  7. Click on the newly added HTML Block (A) and then click on the HTML content area in the right-hand panel to choose it.  Select all content in the block by typing a "Control-A" (hold down the "Ctrl" key and press "A") and then paste your previously copied content into the box by typing "Control "V"
  8. Your formatted and ready-to-send content will now be shown in the HTML area ready to send.

Customizing The Look (Advanced feature for Web Developers)

There are templates provided that govern the layout and content that can be included, but you may specify the colors, visuals, and other types of formatting by defining new CSS style sheet elements that will be referenced when generating the email. NOTE: CSS Style sheets may be edited by those trained in HTML/Web/CSS Editing.  Your web designer could do this for you, or, you may request Gnosis support to define custom styles for you.

To define custom styles, click on the "Edit CSS" button displayed at the bottom of the templates selection area.  This displays the CSS style sheet that can be used to override the standard styling of all of the templates.

To get new styles defined, we recommend copying generated HTML and sending it to a web designer with a request to produce a CSS Style Sheet with new formatting to your specifications.  This CSS Style Sheet - when received from the web developer - can be pasted into the CSS Editor and then saved with the "Save CSS" button.



PLEASE NOTE: If you have a need for different template layouts or content, please let us know with an email to




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