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The Gnosis Help Center has over 350 articles and more than 6 hours of video instruction covering all aspects of the system - from beginners through to advanced functionality.  While all articles are indexed and searchable, finding what you are looking for can sometimes be difficult. 

The Gnosis Answer Bot is an AI chatbot that utilizes Chat-GPT to ingest the entire help center knowledge base and provide English-language assistance from the Help Center articles.

Opening the ChatBot

The Gnosis Answer Bot is available from the Gnosis Pro application in the top right-hand corner of the app:

...and in the help center its-self, living in the bottom right-hand corner of all Help Center web pages:


Using the Chatbot

The best results can be achieved when requesting assistance from the Chatbot by asking your questions in normal, fully-formed sentences - for example:

  • How do I change my Gnosis Pro user password?
  • How do I show only my reports in the report center?
  • How do I search for a person using their email address?

At the bottom of the chatbot answer, you will find one or more article references that the chatbot used to assemble the answer it provided.  If there are multiple documents, you will find a scroll-through indicator to view the title and URL of each article.

To open the referenced article, click on the URL provided underneath the name of the referenced document.




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