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When composing an email, in the Gnosis communications center, you can make it easy for the recipient to take a suggested action by composing the link in the email to automatically log them in.

To add this capability, add the "Auto Login Params" token that can be found in the Special Mail Merge Fields section of the merge fields list.  When adding this token, the URL will appear something like the following example:«AutoLoginParams»

In this above example, the email recipient will be automatically logged in and sent to the calendar page so that they can register for programs without needing to log in or remember their password.

Occasionally, you will also want to send other parameters to the page also to cause other actions to occur.  In this case, always add the Auto-Login Token first, then the other parameters as shown in the example below:«AutoLoginParams»&view=list&CatFilter=1234

In this example, we are going to the calendar page, automatically logging in the recipient and telling the calendar page to open in the list view and display category ID 1234.

When combining parameters this way, always add the auto-login token first, then the other parameters separated by an & sign.






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