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This release log provides the history and details of each new release of the ADAPT Report and its supporting Data Quality (DQ) Report.  If you manage ADAPT reports in your affiliate, please click on the "Follow" button in the top right-hand corner of this article to be notified of new versions of the ADAPT report and details of issues that were fixed since the previous release.

ADAPT Communications Bulletins:

  1. Gnosis ADAPT V3 Phase 1 Release - Mappings & Processes (1/20/2022)
  2. Gnosis ADAPT V3 Phase 1 Updates (2/7/2022)
  3. Gnosis ADAPT V3 Report Release 2 - ADAPT V3 Report (4/18/2022)
  4. Updated Gnosis ADAPT V3 for Q2-2022 (7/27/2022)

Release Log

Date Report(s) Ver. Details
04/18/22 ADAPT + DQ 3.0 The initial release of ADAPT v3 - both reports
04/21/22 ADAPT 3.1
  1. Fixed: An issue with summation for "Total visits Individual Services"
  2. Fixed: Location columns to the right of the first location had inconsistent formulas in some rows.
4/26/22 ADAPT 3.2
  1. U14 - Participated in orientation process - fixed to filter for orientation events only.
  2. I3 - Visits to 1:1 new member orientation, virtual - was adjusted to include virtual and phone.
  3. I6 - Visits to individual/family sessions, virtual - fixed to only include adult virtual and phone + "no-age" virtual and phone
4/27/22 ADAPT 3.3
  1. A22 - Total adult sessions - This totals row was calculated incorrectly, now fixed in this version.
4/29/22 ADAPT 3.4
  1. O1 - Recording/Livestream views - fixed to limit it to only on-demand digital attendance for programs
7/18/22 ADAPT + DQ 3.4.1
  1. Fixed the totaling of sessions count total - now including line 119 instead of 110
  2. Fixed an issue whereby outreach participants were being counted in other persons-served counts, as well as the DQ report.
03/25/2024 ADAPT DQ 3.5
  1. Added City & Zip Code to the DQ Report.
6/9/23 ADAPT 3.6
  1. Fixed an erroneous formula in column "D" for some lines in the report.
8/2/2023 ADAPT 3.7
  1. Added "individuals provided with resources/referrals by phone/email" - I7 to the total I16 - "TOTAL Visits for Individual Services"
10/13/2023 ADAPT 3.8
  1. Removed the age restriction for Open to Options reporting.  This now also allows reporting for participants who do not report an age.
  2. Added link to this ADAPT release history page from the ADAPT Report spreadsheet (top of column J).
12/22/2023 ADAPT 3.9
  1. Added Referral Source, which contains a count of every type of referral source served in period, for those that use multi-select for referral source, each selected option is counted so the sum of each source will be greater than unique respondents.
02/19/2024 ADAPT 3.10
  1. Fixed an issue where CSS Screening for participants classified as "Bereaved" were not added to "Caregivers initially screened with CSS" or "Caregivers rescreened with CSS" categories.
  2. Removed the duplicated Referal Source category for "Did not Disclose"
02/25/2024 ADAPT 3.11
  1. Fixed an issue whereby if you ran a report for a period other than the one just ended, the Total Cumulative Members/Participants count would reflect the present count instead of the count for the specified period. 
03/12/2024 ADAPT 3.12
  1. Updated Referral Source Options:
    • Added: "Nurse Navigator"
    • Added: "Community Health Worker"
  2. Modified ADAPT to not count CSS Integrated Contact Management entries if the survey has not been completed.
05/28/2024 ADAPT 3.13
  1. Adjusted CSS (MCR) Surveys to be filtered by completion date instead of the logged date.








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