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The reference outlines recommended best practices for record updates when a person passes away.

  1. Record Type: Update to Deceased.
  2. Period to date field: Enter the date of death.
  3. Opt-In/Out Settings tab: You do not need to opt-out of communications as someone with a deceased Record Type will be automatically excluded from communications runs.
  4. Household/Address tab: Review the Household Name and Salutation fields.
    • If these fields have been overridden (override checkboxes are checked), be sure to manually remove the person’s name from these fields.
    • If relying on the system-generated text for households consisting of more than one record (override checkboxes are not checked), the system will automatically remove the deceased person’s name once the Record Type has been set to Deceased. Note: The record must be closed and reopened to see the system-updated Household Name and Salutation.
    • Confirming these fields ensures a person’s name will not be included in any communication if there are other household members who will continue to receive communications.
  5. Group Membership tab: Review any current groups and set the person as Inactive.
  6. Emails: We recommend that you do not delete the person’s email, and you should not delete the home address and not check the Do Not Mail check box on the Household/Address tab as it will prevent other household members from receiving mailed communications.

If there are additional steps that your organization incorporates when a person passes away, consider creating a checklist including the Gnosis record updates listed above.


See this reference for Managing Tribute Donations.



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