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If you have person records that you wish to remove from the system, you have 3 options:

  1. Delete the record (which actually leaves the record in the system but marks it as deleted so that it no longer comes up in searches or reports.
  2. Erase the record - which removes all trace of it in your system (this option is generally only available to administrators)
  3. Merge the record into another record in your system

NOTE: A record cannot be "Erased" if it has contributions, pledges, invoices, registrations or any financial related information attached to it.  In this case, the best course of action is to merge the record with another record for the same person which will transfer all of the ancillary records to that main record and erase the duplicate record from the system.

Recovering an Accidental Deletion

If a person record has been deleted, you can reverse the deletion as follows:

  1. Load the deleted person record by either using the "recent persons" list or, the PID if you know it. 
    (Note: If the PID is unknown and the record is no longer in the recent persons list, you can place a request to support to obtain the PID of the deleted record).
  2. A deleted record will have a small red "X" above the name area:
  3. Click on the red "X" to undelete the record and press the save button.





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