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Gnosis Pro is designed to automatically download and install updates when they become available. You also have the ability to expedite the update process if necessary. Below is an overall guide for understanding, checking for, and expediting system updates.

How Do I Know an Update is Available? 

If an update is available for your system, the update icon (mceclip0.png) will appear in the top right corner of the Gnosis window.


This icon indicates that an update is downloading in the background. Once the download is complete, it will be installed the next time you close and reopen the Gnosis application. You can continue to use Gnosis normally during this download process.


Checking System Version, Update Status, and Expediting Downloads

Go to the Help menu > Update Status

  1. Current Version installed
  2. If your system is currently downloading an update, you will see the status bar running and the new version will be listed at Update Version.
  3. To expedite the download if in process, uncheck Limit download...
  4. If an update download is not showing as processing, click Check Now to see if an update is available.


Once complete, you must close and reopen Gnosis to fully install the update.


Update Release Notes

Upon opening Gnosis once an update has been applied, the system will present a notes screen titled, What's New in this Gnosis Release?, providing details on the system update. This separate screen in Gnosis will remain open until you close it. Be sure to review updated content for new features being released.









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