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Welcome to Gnosis - the premier database solution for socially conscious organizations.

This is the place to start learning the basics of the Gnosis system.  We'll guide you through a few videos and a handful of articles that will introduce you to Gnosis. Once you have completed the relevant getting started topics here, we are available for one-on-one personalized instruction (via this link) if you are in the first 90 days after initial implementation or if you have a Software Support Agreement (SSA) in place.

Let's dive in!

Installing Gnosis

For a full description of how to get the Gnosis Pro Client software installed on your computer, please refer to this article: Installing Gnosis Pro

Logging In

To log in to Gnosis for the first time, your administrator must provide you with a username and password.  If the Gnosis installed on your PC has not been previously used, you will also need the Acronym/Short Code that Gnosis uses to refer to your organization.  For full details, please see Logging In to Gnosis.

Getting Familiar with Gnosis

First, we recommend that you start with the 30-minute video that covers the basics of the system.  Once you have completed this video, move on to reviewing the remainder of the articles in this section (NOTE: each article below has a "Next" link at the bottom, so you can step through these one at a time):

Administrator Getting Started Topics

If you are also responsible for the administration of your Gnosis system, the following lessons should also  be mastered once you are familiar with the basic system:




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