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The Contact Management feature of Gnosis can be used to record all types of interactions with individuals in your system: notes and meetings for participants, donors, volunteers, and more.  Setup for different types of interactions is performed in Reference Data Management for the Contact Management Category, Service Type, and Contact Type list items. 

In addition to setting up the contact management list items you need for each type of interaction, you may also wish to set up Contact Management Security options to restrict access to contact management records based on the chosen category. Doing this will make sensitive information for specific categories only available to those users entitled to view that information.


Contact Management Fields & Uses

  1. Contact Date is the date of the contact, Follow-up Date is the date that you wish to be reminded to follow up on the contact.  Entries with follow-ups approaching will appear on the home screen of the person who is assigned to do the follow-up. For no follow-up reminder, leave the Follow-up Date the same as the Contact Date.
  2. Duration allows you to enter/track time spent during a meeting by entering the hours and minutes.
  3. The Lock Editing checkbox locks the contact management note so that only users with Contact Management Administrative level access can unlock and edit the record.  The only exception to this is that the user checking the box may later uncheck it but only while in the same editing session in which it was previously locked. 
  4. The Assigned To person must be a Gnosis user. Enter part or all of the first name of the person assigned to follow up the contact and hit the enter key to verify the user.  The Created By entry will automatically be saved as the name of the user adding the entry. If a follow-up date has been entered, the reminder will only appear for the person listed in the Assigned To
  5. Categorizations available to classify the contact are:
    1. Category*: Identifies the department managing the contact - typically Programs, Development, and Volunteer.
    2. Service Type*: Identifies the type of service that was provided. It is recommended for departments meet as a group to determine the list of options you wish to have available.
    3. Resource Type & Value: A more specific drill-down to describe services provided in the session.
    4. Contact Type*: Identifies the type of contact such as in-person, phone, email, meeting, etc.
      *(CSC Clients Only: Category, Service Type, and Contact Type are required for ADAPT reporting.)
    5. Location: Identifies the location in which the contact was performed or to which it is attributed.
  6. Subject will appear in the listing above as well as in reports.
  7. Organization field will provide the list of linked organization(s) to assign the note to the organization record in addition to the person’s record if desired.
  8. Head Count allows you to enter the number of people who attended the meeting.
  9. Complete checkbox should be checked if no follow-up is required.  If follow-up is required, make sure that the Assigned To and Followup Date fields have been appropriately completed.
  10. The "Lock Editing" option will make the entry read-only once it is initially saved.  Only users with Contact Management Administration ACL permission will be able to edit once it is locked.
  11. Memo/Notes area is available for free-form notes and/or upload of scanned in attachments.



In your report center, you should also find a number of standard reports that can be used in conjunction with the Contact Management function, such as:

  • Contact Management Follow-ups by Date
  • Contact Management Review by Selections


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  • Julie Stevens

    When entering a Contact Management entry today, I found that our Categories and Service Types are now locked in ways they weren't before?

    For the Category of Participant Support, the only Service Type available is Navigation. We used to enter "General Support - Adapt" in as Participant Support. We even had a template setup for it, but now it turns the Service Type field red if I try to use one of our preset templates.

    Anyone else experience this and is the locking of these fields intentional?

  • Stephen Hall


    For some reason, all of your category selections were un-selected in Reference Data Management.  I selected them for you and you should be OK once you restart your gnosis.



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