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As of Gnosis version 1.2.1012, contact management entries can be created using templates that you define in your system.  This allows you to prefill some or all contact management fields with pre-defined responses, greatly speeding up the creation of contact management entries.

The "Templates" button is located at the bottom of the contact management notes area:

Clicking on the templates button presents the following options:


Template Options

The template button options are as follows:

  • New Action from Template - will create a new contact management record and pre-fill all of the fields defined in the selected template.
  • New Follow-up from Template - will perform in a similar manner as New Action from Template but instead of creating a new contact management action, it will create a new Follow-up Action for the currently selected contact management item.
  • Update from Template - will update the currently selected contact management record with the field values defined in the selected template.

For those with Contact Management Administration ACL permissions, you may also perform the following:

  • Save as a Template - takes the information currently showing in a contact management record (saved or unsaved) and sets up a new template using that information (Available to users with Contact Management admin access only)
  • Manage Templates - is an administrator option that allows the deletion of templates in the library (Available to users with Contact Management admin access only).

NOTE: Templates may contain as little as one and as many as all fields in a contact management record.  To create a new template, fill in all of the required fields in the contact management editor and then choose the "Save as Template" option.





  • Julie Stevens

    I love the concept of this, but when I create a template, I have to click New Action in order to get access to the buttons to create a New Action from Template, which leaves a blank action.

    Is there any way to prevent that blank action entry?

  • Angie Santangelo

    I am trying the Update from Template action and it isn't working. Is there more instructions for this?



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