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When multiple disciplines are utilizing your database (Member management, development, volunteer management, etc), your list of "Service Types" can grow rather large and make it difficult to pick the correct service type for each contact entry.  This article describes the process for assigning each service type to one or more contact management categories to enable the pick list to be filtered to list only the contact types applicable to the selected contact category.  

Additionally, as of version 1.2.1005, Resource types are assigned to one or more "Service Types" in reference data in the same way as Service Types are assigned to one or more Contact Mgmt Categories.


Service Type/Resource Type Pick List Set Up

In Reference Data Management, you can set up the Contact Management Service Type entries that are to appear for each Contact Management Category; and each Resource Type entry that is to appear for each Service Type entry.

To do this for Service Types: expand the Contact Management Service Type entries and highlight each one in turn, selecting the Contact Management Category(s) under which the Service Type will be available:

To do this for Resource Types: expand the Contact Management Resource Type entries and highlight each one in turn. selecting the Contact Management Service Type(s) under which the Resource Type will be available:


In the above example, the "Counseling" service type will be available under both the "Participant Support" and "Volunteer" categories.


Using the Filtered Service Type Pick List

Once the filtering has been set up in Reference Data Management, when adding or editing a contact management entry, you will only see the "Service Type" list of items that were assigned to the selected category, and Resource Types assigned to the selected Service Type.


If an entry was previously selected and is no longer in the filtered list for the selected category or service type, it will remain selected and valid, but will show as red text to indicate that it is not a currently available option for the selected category or service type.

If a Contact Management Category in reference data does not have any Service Types assigned to it, then all service types in the list will display in the pick list.  This is also true for Resource types.




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