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This article is a compendium of suggested references to help you master gift processing & management in Gnosis. Please note:  If you are not logged in to the help center (top right of this page), you will need to do so before you can access many of the links below.

Getting Started & Contribution Entry

For an initial overview and understanding of gift processing in Gnosis, the following articles videos will help:

  1. Batch & Contribution Overview
  2. Income Categorization & Classification
  3. Managing Transaction Batches 
  4. Contribution Entry
  5. Managing Invoices
  6. Contribution Types – Individual/Household/Organization 
  7. Setting Up & Using Accrual Accounting in Gnosis


Managing Subscriptions

  1. Subscriptions, Invoices, and Contributions Explained
  2. Subscription Accounting & Transaction Flows
  3. Subscription Billing Runs


Gift Acknowledgements

  1. Creating, Testing & Running Acknowledgement Letters 
  2. Setting Up Auto-Acknowledgements for Online Gifts 


Additional Topics

  1. Quickbooks™ Integration Module 
  2. All Gift Management & Accounting Articles 





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