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Day-of Event Credit Card Processing

If using for your integrated payment gateway service, you have the option of using the mobile app provided by for in person credit card processing. This service allows you to charge credit cards onsite and still process the transactions through your regular gateway and merchant accounts, therefore sending the funds directly to your bank account just as if the transaction had been processed through the Gnosis application.

This setup provides convenient credit processing for day-of/onsite fundraising events of any size - as long as WiFi is available - and prevents from having to administer a separate credit card processing system.

NOTE: This process is not recommend for daily credit processing as it bypasses your Gnosis database. Daily transactions should always be processed directly through Gnosis Contribution Entry or direct invoice payments.

The following steps and links outline the process flow and the provide the required resources.


Required Setup

  1. Review the list of compatible/tested devices.
  2. Purchase card readers directly from
  3. Install the mobile app (scroll down to the Apple and Android download links).
  4. Configure your device and transaction settings.
    1. Complete app forms and settings.
    2. Enable necessary devices.
    3. Use the Sandbox for testing.

See also, Authorize.Net Mobile Application FAQs.


Process Flow

  1. Charge credit cards using the app and card readers.
  2. The funds will be processed through your gateway and existing merchant account, directly into your designated bank account. NOTE you are bypassing Gnosis record and gift entry in this process.
  3. Following the event, export transaction batch report from account.
  4. Gnosis Super Users can use the steps outlined here to upload the donors and gifts as Offline Credit transactions in order to get the gift history added to your database. Alternatively you may opt to use SSA time for Gnosis Support Staff to upload the data for you or to train on using this advanced upload process; if your organization does not currently have an SSA, you can pay a nominal fee to have the data uploaded for you.





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