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If you have received funds in payment of an invoice and subsequently need to reallocate that invoice payment to a different invoice or contribution, you may do so by "Refunding to Unallocated Cash".

  • Highlight a payment row and press the "Refund" button
  • Check-on all payment lines to be reallocated
  • Choose the refund "Type" of "Refund to Unallocated"
  • Choose the account to which you want the cash transferred (this will default to an unallocated cash account if you have one defined in your system).

This will place the funds into an unallocated cash balance that you can then use to either pay another invoice or process a contribution.  In either case, you would choose the payment type of "Unallocated  Cash" to use the unallocated cash that was "refunded" from the above invoice.


If the originally paid invoice is no longer required, you can then void it or credit-adjust the invoice lines no longer required.





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