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Person records may have status Indicators or flags displayed above their name information to highlight important information about that record or person.  These status indicator icons may depict the status of any single field or combination of fields in the person, household or related records.


Some commonly used indicators include:

  • Participant/Member status
  • Volunteer status
  • Donor level (multiple icons to demote the level of the donor)
  • VIP
  • Staff/ Board/ Committee etc...
  • Open follow-up contact management item(s)
  • The value of one or more custom attributes

In addition to displaying at the top of the person form, these indicators can cause alert information to be displayed on your screen when a person with that indicator logs in at any of the Gnosis Kiosk locations and you are running the kiosk monitor option in Gnosis.

Each indicator can be set to display with different levels of alert/notification:

  • No Alert (No kiosk monitor alert required for the indicator type)
  • Minimal Alert (Just shows with a red background in the monitor window

  • Auto Close Toaster (Pops up a "toaster" notice in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen, which goes away after a few seconds

  • Manual Close Toaster (Pops up a "toaster" notice in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen, but stays there till you specifically close it)

  • Alert Dialog (Opens an "Alert" window in the middle of your screen).


Requirements for New Indicators

These indicators can be added by request to Gnosis Support and providing the following details using the attached worksheet (items 1-5 below are required; item 6 is optional). 

  1. Full description of what field(s) should cause the indicator to show, including a range of values, where appropriate, or simply what attribute value.
  2. Icon number to use for the indicator (from the list of images shown below).
  3. Four character or less acronym/text to be placed alongside the icon.
  4. Hover text to display when the cursor hovers over the indicator (usually used to describe the status being depicted, and can include values of any field in the person record or related records).
  5. Sort order, when applying multiple flags
  6. Alert Level for kiosk monitor, if desired from the list of alert types above.

Up to 10 status indicators may be displayed for a person record at the same time.  Up to 15 status indicators total may be defined for display in the person record area.

Below is the list of available indicator icons to choose from:




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