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Gnosis provides the opportunity to save person and organization-related documents with your profile records in the system.  This provides the benefit of keeping everything related to constituent records in one place.


Storage Allowances & Costs

Most documentation is stored as PDF files in the Gnosis system, however, you can also natively save MS Word, Excel, and image documents in the library.   For PDF files, the size of the files can vary markedly depending on how the files were generated. 

Scanned files can generally be created at resolutions between 150dpi and 400dpi.  400dpi scans will use almost 3 times the space of 150dpi scans, but will not provide much benefit in terms of document readability, so, it is definitely much more cost-effective to scan your files at a lower dpi - we recommend 150dpi.

Other than the dpi of scans, the biggest impact on file size comes from the scan "depth".  If you are archiving pdf documents, a color depth of "Black & White" is most optimal with "Half-tone" and then "Gray Scale" being the next best alternatives.

We recommend that you perform some test scans of your documents to find the lowest acceptable dpi and color depth while maintaining an acceptable quality.

Gnosis subscription plans include the following document space allowances:
Note: 1 Gigabyte (GB) will generally hold somewhere between 2,000 and 4,000 scanned PDF pages.

Gnosis Plan Allowance Included (GB) Overage rate / (GB)
Bronze 2 $1.20
Silver 4 $1.10
Gold 6 $1.00
Platinum 10 $0.90






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