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The kiosk monitor allows Gnosis users to view kiosk activity, in real time, on their personal computer or laptop. This feature can be used to monitor kiosk activity for failed attempts, to see all general activity, and to utilize the person alert feature to connect with flagged attendees as they arrive at your facility.

To initially turn this feature on you must send a ticket request to

Using the Kiosk Monitor

Once the monitor feature is turned on by Gnosis Support, simply go to Gnosis menu item Windows > Kiosks > Kiosk Monitor.

  • Any user can access the kiosk monitor and there are no limits on how many can have the monitor open at one time.
  • The monitor is designed to focus on failed login attempts at the kiosk. To see failed and successful kiosk check-ins you must check the Show All box at the bottom of the monitor window.
  • A separate window will appear and will start showing all check-ins at the kiosk from that point forward. To see all activity for the day you must open the kiosk monitor first thing in the morning.

Implementing Kiosk Alerts

Kiosk alerts are notifications that are displayed when a person logs in to the kiosk and they have certain status indicators present on their record.  Alerts for status indicators can be applied to new or existing person indicators in your system. (See the full reference on person indicator options and setup requirements.) 

All alerts applied to indicators will show for all users with the kiosk monitor open (the window can be minimized). Below are the alert options available. 

  • No Alert (No kiosk monitor alert required for the indicator type)
  • Minimal Alert (Just shows with a red background in the monitor window
  • Auto Close Toaster (Pops up a "toaster" notice in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen, which goes away after a few seconds
  • Manual Close Toaster (Pops up a "toaster" notice in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen, but stays there till you specifically close it)
  • Alert Dialog (Opens an "Alert" window in the middle of your screen)

If applying an alert to an existing person indicator, send a ticket request identifying which alerts to assign to which indicator.

If creating a new indicator(s) and assigning alert options, include in the ticket request all required information as identified in the full reference on person indicators.





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