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Language Management Overview

For information on getting started with Multiple languages on your web portal, please see here.

As you will generally want to outsource the job of translating text to someone with the skills to perform this work, Gnosis provides utilities to export a current translations template for completion by a translator, after which the translator's edits are then re-uploaded to Gnosis.

The tools for exporting and then re-importing translations for Reference Data, Attributes, and Custom Forms are available on the main menu under  "Settings -> Administration -> Translation Management:


You can edit the exported language files using either BabelEdit (download here) or by directly editing an exported Excel file.

If you choose to use BabelEdit (we highly recommend this), the application will offer pre-translation for all content and individual translations for selected items using Google and Microsoft translators:



Exporting Language Files

From the Translation Management screen, choose one of the three tabs for the area you wish to translate (Reference Data, Attributes, or Forms).  Depending on the area selected, the specific options will be a little different, but you will generally follow the process:

  1. Switch to the area you wish to export
  2. Check on the items you wish to have translated (keeping in mind that only items that appear on  your web portal will need to be translated)
  3. Choose the languages (locales) that you wish to include in the export.  You will always include English, plus one or more other languages to be translated.
  4. Press the export button.
    1. You will be asked to select a file output location, AND, you should also select the desired file type that you want to use - Babel Edit or Excel file:

Once the export is completed, you will be prompted to open the file with either BableEdit or Excel depending on the file type that you selected.


Importing Language Files

Once you have added all or some of the translations and want to bring them into Gnosis, you can do so via the "Import translations" tab on the Translation Management screen.

Please Note:  If you are using BabelEdit to edit your translations, you will need to press the "Export" button to export the language files to either XLSX or CSV files for importing back to Gnosis.


To import your translations, simply press the import button, choose the file and select "Open".  A message will be displayed to say "Translations Saved" when the process has been completed successfully.





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