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Use this guide when needing to provide Gnosis access to additional staff and new hires. Limited access may also be provided to volunteers and interns if desired, see Best Practices below.


User Setup

  1. Create a new user in within Gnosis Pro User Management (training video) and assign this person to all necessary User Groups.
    1. If you need to set/limit access beyond what the existing user groups provide, this guidance offers more details on creating new users and ACL management.
  2. Have the new user send an email to using their organization email address to request a new Gnosis Help Center account. A reply email will provide a link to complete their Help Center Account setup.
  3. Provide the Gnosis install instructions from your system implementation, if necessary.
    • Download information can also be found at Installing Gnosis Pro.
    • New installs will require the Profile and Org ID provided during initial implementation.
  4. Point staff to the Gnosis Training Video Library to access main training videos and additional resource article/trainings videos specific to your organization. If you are not sure if your organization has an additional resource article within the Help Center, contact


User Training

Typically new users are trained by a member of your existing staff. Any saved and relevant videos from the system implementation should also be provided. If desired, Connect4 can provide direct training using an existing or new System Support Agreement, or by direct purchased support time.



User Management Best Practices

  1. Do not repurpose user accounts from one staff to another. Each individual should have their own user account (group exceptions noted below).
  2. Users should be disabled within User Management when they are no longer part of your organization.
  3. Regular staff should always use the account assigned to them; do not use the login of other users.
  4. Single/general user accounts may be created for groups like volunteers, interns or facilitators to utilize for minimal system activity.
  5. Be cautious to provide system access to outside vendors or partners. If necessary, contact Support to assist in setting desired security levels.
  6. For all non-staff users accessing your system, we suggest that you may want to execute a confidentiality agreement.



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    There is no training video for how to set up a user. The link in #1 above is not active.


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