Table of Contents

If your organization has moved locations the address info will need to be updated in the following areas:

  1. Gnosis Settings
  2. Gnosis Portal Design
  3. Financial Document Templates
  4. Individual Communication Items


Gnosis Settings > Preferences & Settings

1. General:



2. Communications:



Gnosis Portal Design

If your Gnosis Portal design contains contact information, you must submit a support ticket to request an update of contact text only.


Financial Document Templates

For guidance on updating invoices, statements and other financial templates, see Managing Financial Document Templates.


Individual Communication Items

Letters and emails messages using the contact info in the item content will need to be updated individually. The following Communications categories should be prioritized:

  1. Website Auto Responses
  2. Event Registration Communications
  3. Form Emails
  4. Any other auto response or recurring email items
  5. Donation Acknowledgement items (as needed)




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