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During contribution entry, there are a number of scenarios where you might want to credit a gift amount to a second person, in addition to the actual donor. Gnosis offers three different fields to help properly facilitate these credits. These fields are all available in Gnosis reporting.


Solicited by: A list of all Gnosis users in your database

Use to credit a staff person who made a direct ask for a gift.

Your development director made an ask for $5000; when entering the donor’s gift, select the director’s name from the drop-down in order to enable reporting for all gift asks attributable to the director.


Raised by: A full record search of people in your database (note the green arrow button identical to the main record search field)

Use to credit a person in the database who made a direct ask for a gift.

A board member made a personal ask for funds; when entering the donor’s gift, input the board members name in order to enable reporting for all gift asks attributable to the board member.


Soft Credit: A pay type option

Use to credit a gift to a donor other than the person or organization that actually presented the funds. These entries will show on person’s contribution history but will not be included in any batch reports or QuickBooks postings.

A donor made a gift through their employer program and the employer furnished a check for multiple employees who donated.  While the employer will be recorded as the donor that furnished the funds, a soft-credit to each of the employees that gave will be appropriate to enable acknowledgment of their gift and record the gift in their history.

Note: If the Soft Credit option is not currently available in your Payment Type list, an administrative user can turn the option on by going to Settings > Preferences & Settings > Pledge/Contributions > Allow Soft Contributions and checking the box in the Organization column (first column).




  • Deb Graham

    I need to know how to remove a soft credit entry in Gnosis. 

  • Stephen Hall

    Hello Deb.  You can delete a soft-credit gift entry in the same way you delete any other gift entry.  On the contribution entry screen, you can select the soft credit and press the delete button.


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