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The Gnosis Pro Desktop Client

Once the desktop Gnosis client - Gnosis Pro - is installed, the following procedure may be used to log in for the first time:

Note: Your administrator must provide you with:

  • Your username
  • Your initial password
  • The Acronym/Short Code that Gnosis uses to refer to your organization

Standard Username & Password Security

Start the Gnosis Pro application to get to the Login screen and follow the steps below. NOTE: If your Login button displays a padlock icon, please proceed to the section on Two Factor Authentication Security:


  1. Enter your Username (case does not matter)
  2. Enter your password (case is important)
  3. If the configuration section of the login screen is hidden, press the "Less/More" button.
    NOTE: If the Profile, Organization ID are already present, then you can skip to the end.

  4. Press the "New Profile" Button
  5. Enter your organization acronym as supplied by your administrator or support to the Profile name area
  6. Enter your organization acronym again in the Organization ID field

Finally, press the "Login" button to log in to the system.


Two Factor Authentication Security Option

If your organization employs 2-factor authentication for logging in to Gnosis, you will see a Padlock icon on the login button:

In this case, you must provide an additional code (the second factor) in addition to your username and password.  For more details on logging in with this option, please refer to the article on Logging in with Two Factor Authentication (2FA) Enabled



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