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Sometimes, you will have a number of discrete queries you want to combine to use as a recipient group for a single communication - email or otherwise.  You will want to send out the item once to the single combined list to prevent those appearing on multiple lists from getting the communication multiple times if you sent it to each list separately.

Combining Lists from Multiple Queries/Recipient Groups

The best way to ensure only one email is sent to each recipient if they appear in multiple lists is as follows:

  1. Collect all of the recipient group data in spreadsheets by running each of the queries and saving the output into a spreadsheet.  NOTE: The instructions below assume your queries are in multiple recipient groups.  Adjust the steps appropriately for queries in reporting or ad-hoc queries.
    • From the Communications Center main screen, click "Recipient groups" on the bottom left, then "Select a Group".

    • Choose the Category and then the desired group in the list, then press the "View Results" button.


    • In the results window, choose the "export" menu option and then "Export to Excel" and choose a file to save the results.

  2. Add a new temporary attribute - e.g. "Combined Annual Appeal List"
    • In Attribute Management, add a new checkbox attribute to your temporary attributes area (remember to give it an alias name also).
    • Save & close Attribute Management 
  3. Set the Temporary Attribute using Bulk Import - Use the exported lists to set the attribute for each person on the lists as follows:
    • In Gnosis choose the "Process" navigator page and click on the "Attribute Import" icon
    • On the left-hand side of the screen, navigate to the attribute that you added in the previous step
    • Under the attribute selection, check on both the checkboxes to indicate that you want to select the desired attribute and the value you want to set. 
    • On the right-hand side of the screen, choose the button: "Scan & Manual Entry Input - People" and then the "Paste List" button
    • Copy the Person IDs (PIDs) from the spreadsheet(s) and paste them into this box, then press the "Finish" button.
    • Lastly, press the "Process List" button to bulk-set all of the recipient's attributes.
  4. Create a new recipient group - That has only the "new attribute = true" as a criterion, and use this recipient group in your communications item
    • From the Communications central main screen, click on "Recipient groups", then "Create New"
    • Choose the primary schema - "*Persons with H'hold & Org & Related Info", give the group a name, and select the desired category to save it. Press Next
    • Add criteria for "Your Temporary Attribute" is True. Press Next.
    • Add result columns for the output you would like to see when reviewing your group.  Press Next, then Finish
  5. Add an Email or other communications type in the desired category, using the new recipient group.
    1. Create an email (or other desired type)
    2. When selecting the recipient group for the email, "Select a group, go to the category you saved your new list into, and select your recipient group

You will now have an email (or another communication type) that is set up to go to all persons in the multiple lists you originally started with.


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