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When Gnosis sends an email via the communications module, it keeps a record of the send and can make this history available to constituents via the web portal


Setting Up Your Web List

When you include a link to the communications history page in your portal menu or elsewhere, guests will have access to the archive of all email communications sent for the specified category.

The URL of the Communications Archive page is: where the XXX is replaced by your organization ID for your portal pages. 

Specifying The Communications Category by Parameter 

To specify the communications category that you wish to display content for, add a parameter for CIID=1234 (where 1234 should be the ID of the communications category.):

Alternatively, you can edit the page and insert the Communications Category ID in the "Comms Item ID" field of the "Communications Item Display" function.

Specifying The Communications Category by Editing the Page

If you edit your portal content in the Composite CMS, you will see on that page that you can specify the following options:

  • The Communications Category ID (Comms Item ID).
  • Include Month & Year Headings in the list.
  • Include the date of sending each item.
  • Whether to open with the list of comms items when the page is first displayed.


Using The Web List

When opening the page with a category specified, you should see a list of items something like this:

Clicking on any one of these archived items will display its full content.

NOTE: Only emails that have had a web version created will be included in the list.  You can create a web version when you are finished composing each email with these three steps:

  1. On the left of the email content area, you will see a list box entitled "Select Media Type to Manage"
  2. Choose the "website" option in the list box.
  3. In the bottom left-hand corner of the content area, press the "Copy Email to Web" button to copy a de-personalized version of the content to the web page archive.





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