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Specifying an Email Sender Address

When setting up an email in the communications center, we advise that you always use the registered sender domain for all "from" addresses.  In other words, if your registered sender domain (and probably also your web domain) is then you can use any valid address ending in


This best practice will ensure that your email is not flagged as a SPAM sender and blacklisted by other mail hosts.

Re-routing Auto-Response Messages

If you wish to ensure that auto-response messages go to a different address, you can go to settings and set up a "reply-to address" that will receive all out-of-office and other kinds of auto-response emails.  This reply-to address must also be in the same domain as configured above.

To specify a system-wide reply-to address:

  1. Go to the main menu and choose Settings | Preferences & Settings
  2. In the Filter box, type "reply" - this will filter your list to the entries shown below:
  3. Enter the system-wide reply-to address in the organization column and then press the "Save and Close" button at the foot of the preferences page.



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