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From time to time, you may want to import an email or any other type of item into your Communications Center from a sample provided by support or another Gnosis user.  Conversely, you may also want to export a template to share with another Gnosis user.

To get access to the import/export function in the Communications Center, start from the list of communications in any category and check on the "Admin Options" checkbox in the bottom right-hand corner of the form: (Note, you must have administrative access to the communications center to do this)


Also now visible will be both an import and export button on the right-hand side button menu:

Exporting Communications

To export one or more communications items into a Gnosis Communications Library File, check on one or more items in the checkboxes that appear next to all the items in the category, then press "Export".  You will be prompted to specify a file location and name to save the file.mceclip1.png

Importing Communications

To import one or more items, press the "Import" button and select the Gnosis Communications Library file that contains the previously exported items.  You will be presented with a list of communications in the library file allowing you to check-on the items that you wish to import:


For each item, you select to import, you will also be given the opportunity to use the currently defined recipient group in the import library file or select one of your own recipient groups that use the correct schema for the items being imported.  Imported recipient groups by default are saved to the "Imported" category. You can also change the recipient group later of course.

When you are ready, press the "Import" button at the bottom of the screen:

When finally, when you are done, press the close button.





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