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Each user managing emails and text messages should set their preferred address for emails and or mobile number for text messages.

Setting a Test Email Address

  1. Go to Settings > Preferences & Settings > Communications > Email Address for Test Messages
  2. You will see many settings organized into three columns of values:
    1. The first column (only editable by administrators) is the organization-wide setting that applies when no value is set in the next columns.
    2. The second column (only editable by admins or group managers) is the group-wide setting that applies to all users with the displayed group set as their primary group - this value applies where no value is set in the next/last column.
    3. The last column is the value used for the currently logged-in user (name displayed at the top of the column) and overrides any value in the first two columns. 
  3. Each user can set the value in the third column for themselves (in the text box shown above) to set their desired test email address . This is the column where most users should enter their individual email address to receive test emails.
  4. Click Save & Close to apply the new setting immediately; it is not necessary to close and reopen Gnosis Communications.


Setting a Test Mobile Number

  1. Go to Settings > Preferences & Settings > Communications > Phone Number for Test Messages
  2. Use the same guidance in items 2-4 above to set the desired mobile phone number to receive test text messages.


Administrator Access

Administrative users have the ability to set values for other users by loading group and/or individual preferences into your personal Gnosis session and editing their settings directly.

  1. At the top of the Preferences & Settings screen, select a User or Group at the top right and click Load Identity.
  2. Make the desired changes in the settings below, click Save & Close and you will be prompted to reload your own settings.





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