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If you require the ability to access Gnosis records for read-only access while traveling, you have the option to copy your entire database to your local computer and use it for read-only access to your data.

To do this you need:

  1. A downloaded copy of your Gnosis database - contact Gnosis Support to set up a database download option on your subscription.  We will make available a copy of your database for regular download.
  2. Installation of SQL Server Express/Lite, 20012 or later on your computer. This is a free download from Microsoft - please contact your IT support person to have this installed as Gnosis support does not provide this option.
  3. Setup of your downloaded database on your SQL Server - See below.
  4. Configuration of your Gnosis Pro desktop software to access your database - See below.

Setting up Your Downloaded Database

Instructions for your IT support person:

  1. Install SQL Server Express edition on the PC
  2. Setup the instance for TCP/IP Local Access
  3. Restore the provided backup of the Gnosis database to the local SQL Server instance.
  4. Set up security for local computer users to allow access to the database.
  5. Provide the user with the local instance name to be used by the SQL OLE data source used in the Client software.

Configuring Your Desktop Software

You will log in to your local database by creating a new profile for it on the login screen:

  1. Make a note of your Organization ID on the login screen
  2. Click on the "New Profile" button.
  3. For the profile name, choose "Local"
  4. Enter your organization ID copied in step 1 above
  5. Change the "Remote DB" option to "Local DB" and enter "(local)" or the name of the local instance of SQL Server provided by the SQL Server install person.
  6. Login using your same credentials as you use on the cloud version of your system.





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