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This article includes the following sections:

  • Accessing and Editing Templates
  • Applying Templates and Other Templating Options
  • Template Best Practices


Accessing and Editing Templates

On the Communications Center home screen, use the HTML Templates button to access the template library.


Use the Edit button on this screen to edit existing templates - most commonly to customize a standard template for your organization.


  1. Click Edit Template to open a separate editor window.
  2. Make desired changes and Close Editor (this is an autosave window).
  3. Click Cancel/Close to exit the templates window.
  4. Create your open the desired Comms Items and apply the new template (see below).

If desired, Admin Users may add additional Template Categories within Reference Data Management > Template Document Categories.


Apply Templates and Other Templating Options

With a Comms Email Item open, you will find a Templates button in the bottom left of the preview window. Use the drop-down on the button to access the following options.

Select Existing Template

  1. Use to open the Templates window.
  2. Click Yes to prompt (warning you will overwrite your current email)
  3. Select the desired template.
  4. Click Apply The Selected Template to Your Email.
  5. Proceed to the editor to customize this email design further.

Save Current Design as New Template

Use to save the current email design as a new template in your system.

Load HTML Email Design Zip File

  1. If a third party creates a custom email design for you, use this Template button option to upload the zip file to be used as the current email design.

  2. Note: If uploading a custom design, you will not be able to access the standard Gnosis email editor. You will still be able to edit the design if necessary but it will not have all the features of the advanced email editor.


Template Best Practices

  • Take the time to review the templates available and customize a few - email designs should rarely have to start from scratch.
  • Refer to our 10 Best Practices for Email Designs.
  • Like most items in Gnosis, organize your templates by categories.




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