Table of Contents

This reference is a post-training guide on event entry in the Event Management module.

Support Resources

All Event Management Support Articles

Primary articles from this section:

  1. Event Settings
  2. Single v. Repeating Events
  3. Registration Settings
  4. Using Group Management
  5. Zoom Meeting-Based Events
  6. Hybrid Event Management (In-Person & Digital)
  7. Hybrid Event Management for Group Members
  8. Online Calendar Functions & Settings
  9. Mobile Attendance App

Guidance will be provided soon regarding the event registration confirmation and reminder communications items.


Staff Tasks

  1. Populate Presenters library in Event Mgmt (create new person records as necessary).
  2. Populate Venues library in Event Mgmt, if necessary.
  3. Start entering program calendar events.
    • This entry is required to prepare your new online calendar for use.



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