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This reference is a post-training guide on member data and processes.

Support Resources

Staff Tasks

  1. Compare your intake form with the current Member Info tab in person form. Rearrange attributes currently on the tab and add necessary attributes to make the intake form and the Gnosis tab match as much as possible. This approach ensures streamlined data entry.
    • If you have been contemplating changes to your intake form, now is the time to make them in order to set your Member Info tab up appropriately.
    • If moving forward right away with an online member form, be sure to review the page provided by your Gnosis Support Person once all attribute work on the Member Info tab has been completed.
  2. Review your intake/data entry process to determine if any other administrative/process attributes are needed in the Administrative category on the Member Info tab.
    • If you don't yet have an Administrative category and you would like one, create one using the resource above. If necessary, send a request to to hide that category from the online form.
  3. For CSC Affiliates only - Ensure all program and data entry staff are clear on the necessary data points required in a member record for appropriate ADAPT inclusion.
    • Main Person Form
      • Gender
      • Participant Status
      • Period From date
      • Date of birth
    • Member Info tab
      • Participant Type
      • Primary Cancer Type 
      • ADAPT Demographics (Ethnicity, Employment, Insurance, Income)
    • Contact Management Notes*
      • Category
      • Service Type
      • Contact Type

*Using Reference Data Management, you may add additional Contact Management Service Types if you need to track different program services. Reminder that all Service Types must be mapped for ADAPT inclusion, using the ADAPT Reference (above) for guidance.



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