Table of Contents

This reference is a post-training guide on managing event registrations and attendance.

Support Resources

All Event Management Support Articles

Primary articles from this section:

  1. Managing Attendance (Event and Resources)
  2. Tracking Online/On Demand (Digital Attendance)
  3. Outreach and Presentation Tracking
  4. Mobile Attendance App
  5. Online Calendar Functions & Settings
  6. Using Group Management
  7. Identifying Favorite Reports

Staff Tasks

  1. Once your Gnosis calendar has been populated with events, you are free to start managing manual registration and attendance within the Event Management module.
  2. Reminder: Your new online calendar will not be open to the public until your Gnosis portal is ready to launch.
  3. You may also start to play around with the event reports available on the Event Management screen, using the resource above to start identifying any personal favorite reports.



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