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This reference is a post-training guide on where to begin after the initial training for your new Gnosis database. Your Gnosis Support Person will have confirmed for you what data has been uploaded at this time and what data will be uploaded in the coming days. Most likely all primary/contact data will have been uploaded. Data such as gift, notes or attendance history will not have been uploaded yet.


Your Goals

1.  Familiarize yourself with how to search for records and how to locate data within these records.

2.  Review record data to confirm the accuracy of the initial data uploaded to your new system.


Support Resources


Staff Tasks

1.  Search for person and org records you are familiar with:

  • Your personal record; create a new record if necessary.
  • Records of people you are familiar with, like recently active members, board members, or major donors.
  • Records of organizations you are familiar with and can identify linked contacts (person records linked to the organization record.
  • Methods for record searching:
    • Hover the green arrow on person search field for search reminders
    • mceclip4.png
  • Methods for search organization records:
    • Hover the green arrow on organization search field for search reminders
    • mceclip2.png


2.  Review the main areas of records:

  • Record Details and Contact Information (main/left panel of record)
  • Address/Household Information tab
  • General Attributes tab (if applicable)
  • Member Information tab (if applicable)
  • Donor Information tab (if applicable)

This is an extremely important exercise in the first days or your system access as the initial data upload must be confirmed as accurate before record histories (gift, attendance, notes) will be uploaded.


3.  If you should identify any data concerns, notify the staff person managing your system transition as soon as possible. Be sure to provide the following information:

  • Person ID (PID) or Org ID (OID) found above the person or organization name.
  • The exact data/tab information that appears to be incorrect.





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